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Lunaria is an unequivocal success! And it’s not just the nostalgia that keeps me coming back to Lunaria. Rather, it’s the brilliant composition, an ear for catchy and inventive melody, and Danimal Cannon‘s unique take on a blend of seemingly unmixable sounds. 


- The Angry Metal Guy -

Composer and showman Danimal Cannon is most well known for his 3 critically acclaimed Gameboy album releases, as well as his soundtrack work in the game and film industry.

His list of accomplishments is ever growing, having headlined on 4 continents, collaborated with Grammy award winning classical composers, and having inspired entire award winning videogames just through his music and performances.  

While he's most well known for his expressive guitar wizardry and meticulous Gameboy beats, Danimal Cannon is constantly pushing boundaries exploring the leading edge of music technology.  As a mixing and mastering engineer in addition to being a composer, he's gained a special ear for adding fascinating timbres and textures to his expert compositions and arrangements. 

Having shared the stage with everything from EDM DJs, death metal bands, hiphop rappers, or jazz troupes, Danimal Cannon's unique appeal and musical chops has made him able to impress any kind of audience.

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